IFAT Africa

Southern Africa’s hub for Environmental Technologies

IFAT Africa gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire range of topics relating to the water, sewage, refuse and recycling industries. It is Africa’s environmental technology hub!

IFAT Africa, analytica Lab Africa and food & drink technology (fdt) Africa were held for the first time in 2019. The co-location of three related shows created the largest industry specific trade fair in Southern Africa.

The show focused on key topics:

  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Analysis.
  • Water treatment and technologies.
  • Food and beverage processing.
  • Waste management and recycling.

IFAT Africa had 172 international trade exhibitors and 8,302 trade visitors. Furthermore, the increased visitor numbers show the importance of harnessing the synergies though co-location.

The growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors created a spirit of enthusiasm on the fair ground in Johannesburg, as well as optimism with regard to the environmental technology market in this part of the world.

Click here for the closing report from the last show. 

More information here: http://www.ifat-africa.com/

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