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Our greatest source of inspiration: the needs of the robotics and automation community. On the one hand there is an...

22nd June - 24th March 2021


Our greatest source of inspiration: the needs of the robotics and automation community.

On the one hand there is an ongoing pandemic with massive contact and travel restrictions along with the associated economic damage. On the other hand there is a community requiring orientation, exchange, inspiration and business. Our answer to this challenge: automatica sprint.

A virus is changing the world: both in business and private life. Back in spring we hoped that everything would go back to normal by the end of the year. Unfortunately, things did not go that way. COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines and probably will for a while to come. How can we as a community deal with this? How can we continue to provide inspiration to an industry that neither wants to nor can afford to wait another two years for the next automatica?

One thing is clear: In the current situation, it is not an option to simply prepone a leading international exhibition with the size and aspirations of automatica and to host it as usual. What we need is a new solution that considers the needs of both exhibitors and visitors for personal exchange and that offers the community a veritable business and dialog platform. One that covers the entire market with a compact format. One that is focused on personal attendance, yet COVID 19-compliant. One that is flexible, yet facilitates advance planning. And above all: One that is beneficial for all automatica stakeholders.

Who’s involved? The industry, VDMA Robotics + Automation and the experts of automatica and Messe München. The result? automatica sprint – an agile and compact event format that will go live in summer 2021 on the traditional automatica dates in June. The show will have a focus on personal customer contact and lots of machines – up close and in action. With a digital extension and a digital substitute in case a pandemic-related emergency requires it. With significantly reduced lead times and free late cancellation. All in all: convincing reasons to be there.

We are offering package stands for all participants, which significantly reduces the leadime and setup as well as  – most importantly – ensuring a COVID-safe show can take place!

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