Doing Business in Germany

The German economy

Germany is the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth-largest in the world. Germany has remained stable during tough economic times, by being a pioneer and innovator of a globalised economy. Exporting plays a major role, with Germany being the world’s third largest exporter.

Germany’s strength lies in engineering, especially cars, electrical equipment and machinery. Germany is the largest exporter of cars in the world and the headquarters of several world-leading car manufacturers are based in Germany, including Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. Germany has produced many leading global companies, such as the well-known brands Allianz, Siemens, Adidas and Puma.

Germany is also a pioneer in renewable energy and becoming 100% ‘green’. Currently, Germany is the leading producer of wind turbines and solar power technology in the world. There is no doubt that this is a forward-thinking country that is fully focused on the future.

Great Britain and Germany – we’re closer than you think!

Without a doubt, the best way to do business is by building up relationships with the people with which you want to enter into a partnership. You may not have realised but the city or region in which you live, could be twinned with one of the major German cities. What better strength to draw upon when initiating a business relationship? Here is a list of twin cities between Great Britain and Germany…

  • London – Berlin
  • Edinburgh – Munich
  • Glasgow – Nuremberg
  • Aberdeen – Regensburg
  • Manchester – Chemnitz (and Amsterdam)
  • Birmingham – Frankfurt am Main & Leipzig
  • Leeds – Dortmund
  • Liverpool – Cologne
  • Nottingham – Karlsruhe
  • Cardiff – Stuttgart
  • Stoke-on-Trent – Erlangen
  • Leicester – Krefeld
  • Bath – Braunschweig
  • Bristol – Hanover
  • Bradford – Hamm
  • Woking – Rastatt
  • Coventry – Kiel
  • Derby – Osnabrück
  • Exeter – Bad Homburg
  • Newcastle – Gelsenkirchen
  • Portsmouth – Duisburg
  • Gloucester – Trier
  • Sheffield – Bochum
  • Southampton – Rems-Murr-Kreis
  • Sunderland – Essen
  • Wakefield – Herne
  • Oldham – Landsberg am Lech
  • York – Muenster

For statistics concerning foreign trade between the UK and Germany (Goods) click here.

Department for International Trade

DIT is the Government organisation that supports companies in the UK trading internationally. If you are entering into business in Germany for the first time, you may wish to have some additional support from people on the ground, who have experience working and doing business in Germany. Here are a few things that DIT can help with:

  1. Carrying out market reports based on your company, to assess the market potential in your sector.
  2. Helping you to organise receptions, seminars and product launches.
  3. Helping you to identify potential German business partners.
  4. Give you assistance on the best routes to market.

Contact DIT in Germany…

British Embassy
Wilhelmstr. 70
10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 204 570 Email: ku.vo1516128778g.eda1516128778rt.el1516128778ibom@1516128778ynamr1516128778eGTID1516128778

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